The box that rocks! A promotional, events and exhibition vehicle

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The Rock Box is a unique, multifunctional, highly memorable, fully brandable advertising tool. Complete with roof terrace, it is superb as a promotional vehicle making it ideal for promoting businesses, products, events and services to give you maximum exposure at minimal cost. New for 2015 are the amazing exterior stairs. Also the boomerang counters which can be used for anything from a cocktail bar to merchandising.

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The bespoke retro styled interior houses modern audio visual
technology and lends itself to being easily branded throughout.

A stunning roof terrace. Show off your product, service or promotion

It comes complete with a stunning roof terrace, the sides of which make an ideal vantage point for banners. Your products can be shown off and demonstrated on the terrace, from where you can also conduct business. Also using the terrace as a stage gives the potential to promote your products to hundreds of people gathered round.

How can it be used? However you want! Hire it, Wrap it, Brand it!

  • Promo box
  • Exhibition box
  • Soap box
  • Party box
  • Wedding box
  • Out of the box